<i>WHO</i><i>IS THE</i><i>ROGUE</i>
<i>WHO</i><i>IS THE</i><i>ROGUE</i>


My name is Martin and I am a Filmmaker, Photographer, Audio Engineer & Music Lover - currently living in Graz, Austria.

My journey in making movies actually started with audio. As a guitarist I was always fascinated by recording, mixing and producing my own music.

Soon I realised, that with film, music can be distributed to a much wider audience than audio solely. So I started to make music videos and even recorded jingles for film, which finally inspired me to fully embrace the art of shooting movies.

Photographing became to be another passion, as I really liked the idea of capturing precious moments. In contrast to shooting movies, which may show you a clearer and more predictable picture of a scene by the element of motion, photography on the other hand leaves way more space to your own imagination. Taking a picture is a moment frozen in time. What happened before or after the image was captured is left to the fantasy of the viewer.

Feel free to send me a message and we talk about your next film project!
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